Once upon a time there was _____.

Every day, _____.

Because of that, _____.

Because of that, _____.

Until finally, _____.

This is a writing prompt. A simple, straight-forward prompt that I found on Pinterest in between searching “great dane pointer mixes” (oh, gawd please don’t let him be a great dane, he is already a MONSTER), and “lavender hair” (someday I will do this) and I am stumped. This prompt is so basic and clean and perfect that I don’t even want to touch it.

One upon a time, there was a wannabe writer.

Every day, they wrote, thought about writing, or read other people’s writing.

Because of that, they had a lot of ideas, almost too many to put into any logical order.

Because of that, they drank too much coffee and watched too much Netflix to avoid the process of completing any sort of work.

Until finally, they decided to try writing a blog and see what people might think of their half-baked, unfinished ideas.



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