Still 12,000+

I feel like there are two main types of blocks when it comes to my writing: Time & Juice.

There are days when I have ideas! Juice! Creativity is flowing! I want to write! I know what I want to say, and words come pouring out onto the page. Then Time steps in; oh right, I have a full-time job. I have a home to maintain, cats to feed.

Responsibilities… * shiver *

Blast. That’s okay, it isn’t like the ideas will go away, the words will still be there after work, or tomorrow!


Most days I am tired after work; physically, emotionally and mentally. I have a semi-stressful job that involves a lot of work on a computer. By the time I get home I tend to be zoned out and drained, and the last thing I want to do is try to ramp up the energy and get some writing done.


Sometimes the words aren’t there. A mere 24 hours after I was revved up on a creativity high, juices are flowing and I don’t have the time to get that energy to paper… oh, my ideas have dried up. I have a few hours to work on my story. I know the plot, the characters, the scene… but the style isn’t there. Or I don’t have the desire to write. Poof. Gone.

Time & Juice. Sometimes (a lot of the time) they don’t align, and I am stuck staring at a blank page.

It can be frustrating, I try to fill my juice-less time with an influx of media.

Pinterest is my go-to; am very motivated by imagery, and love putting together boards that represent my stories, moods or scene styling that I can see in my head.

Instagram is fun, more great images and connection to other creators out there, and Twitter is a great place to follow other writers!

Help me out, friends. What motivates you? What keeps you writing when the words are hard to come by, or the words you are putting down just kind of… suck? What else can I do to get that extra push?

While I wait for my Time & Juice to cooperate, you can find me here:

Pinterest: AA Czostedt.
Instagram: aaczostedt
Twitter: @Czostedt



I am attempting to write a novel.

I am writing a novel.

I am writing.

It is hard to sit down every day and write. I have a full-time job, a relationship, two demanding cats, a “social life” (videogames)… I get tired. I don’t want to write when I get home, or on the weekends. I have chores, I want to relax, etc etc excuses etc excuses.


I am still writing. I am focusing on word count. A dear friend has suggested that I update my WordPress with my progress, since I am no longer writing short stories regularly.

Consider yourself updated.

Writer Friends: How are you staying motivated? Reader friends: Thank you for reading!

Dark Magic


“Let’s get down to it. Do you use dark magic?”

“Well, yes, I do use dark magic…” she shifted in her seat. “Oh, don’t make that face. Dark magic isn’t evil, it isn’t bad. It’s just… it’s just, dark!”

I tapped my pen on my notepad, leaned closer. “What is it, then? There are so many warnings, so much stigma regarding dark magic. Can you explain to me why you think you can use it, where others cannot?”

“What do you think of, when you think of darkness? What comes to mind?” She was smiling now, her teeth looked sharp.

I thought for a moment. “Nighttime. Evil. Creatures of the night, danger…” I trailed off, unsure if I should continue.

She smiled again, this time with a hint of sadness. “There is this idea that things that are dark are bad. The night is dangerous, unpredictable, it hides things. That the light is good, safe, we can see everything. But that isn’t quite true, is it?”

She began to pace around the room, gesturing as she spoke. “The light can blind us just as much as the dark. Think of the good that comes with the absence of light. You can see the stars. The night creatures spend their lives without light; does that make them evil? Dark magic is a velvet cloak that embraces it’s wearer. It is unpredictable by nature, wild, powerful. There is freedom in the darkness. I use it, because it feels natural.”

I rummaged through my notes. “Oh! Oh… I meant… black magic. Do you use black magic?”

“Oh! No, black magic is evil. No one should use black magic, bad stuff.”